With the development of SPIZER, I projected my own personal short and long term needs into the project.

Short term solution, I needed money, and I needed it urgently!!

Medium term solution, build a business, become time free and financially free!!

Long term, to leave a legacy for my kids, and their kids even.

Myself and every dad out there, parents, single parents.. everyone wants to know, should something happen to them, will their loved ones, spouse to leave behind and especially their children, be okay. Not everyone has the finances, the education, the know how, to put things in place for their loved ones and children.

When you follow SPIZER risk and money management, educate yourself and it works 100% for you, then it is something that you can pass on to your kids or loved ones. Better yet, something you can start up for your kids as a long term plan for college, car, home or start up funds for their own SPIZER.

So SPIZER was developed first for my own needs. Then my needs were fulfilled.


Then I developed it for everyone else out there to also benefit from SPIZER for their own needs. 

And now, I'm building SPIZER for my kids.. and their kids.. to have spiritual piece that they will be okay one day. I love my kids, I want them to be VERY OK one day.. that is why it is extremely important to have a workable, sustainable product that will look after them one day. What I'm trying to say, when you use this product, I'm looking after you as if you were my own kids...lol...it sounds funny, I know.. So for me to want and build the best for my kids...you in return can benefit from the care that a dad has for his daughters!