History of SPIZER

Here is a little personal information on how SPIZER got into development, the rollercoaster emotions with break throughs, markets crashing, starting over and where we are today.

Personally I'm a firm believer in true transparency, the good and the bad. 

So a few years ago, being in my 30'st, working a dead end 8-5 day job, in construction, working away from home and my family, with a lot of financial stress and challenges.

I've always been a go getter in the sense that I need to be financially free and I would love to help people to also be financially free. I jumper from one opportunity to the next, small business start ups that either never took of or lasted only for a year and end up back again working for a boss.

I was introduced to Forex in 2001 when I was just out of school. LOVED everything about it, the only challenge was I didn't have funds for education, the internet back then were not as it is today, actually non existent for myself.

Skip a few years.. 2017 at last I started trading. It was a massive rollercoaster of emotions as I broke every rule in the book, emotional trading being the #1 rule that I never could get rid of. And when you trade with emotions.. it is VERY VERY dangerous. I got introduced to the Forex Robot, Expert Advisor world and immediately thought, ALL my financial problems are solved! Then... I started learning a new world about Forex robots. Made money, lost money, jumped from one strategy to another, one robot to another.

Eventually one I started using, I experienced rough market conditions and had to manual intervene or all my funds were lost again. I had a few ideas with "fail-safe" methods with different market conditions. The developer of the robot was not to be found after many many research. With some more research I discovered that the strategy is a well know strategy and is actually open sourced.

I jumped on social media looking for a Meta Trader Coder/Developer. I gave him all the guidelines and algo's how the software must react to certain market conditions. The coder developed everything accordingly until the most important feature I came up with.. he said it's not possible.  I refused to accept this and searched again for coder. A good friend referred met ot one, he stays in the Philippines and 3+ years later we are still working together, you could say became friends. And a big shout out to him!!! 

I lost count how many different algo's and scenario's I gave him to figure it out and code. Plenty times he said... "This is not possible, I have never done this... BUT I won't sleep until I've done it. And early morning hours he figured it out and NEVER failed with anything I gave him to code. The best coder, person, innovator ever!!

Back to SPIZER - March 2018, Brexit.. markets were HECTIC. We made about 30% - 50% per month.. so so happy.. then the markets turned and our accounts barely survived. I went back to the charts and asked and looked.. WHY die my robot struggle, what can I do to improve or to sustain a bigger market rally. So where other robots that time couldn't sustain/survive even a 120 pip rally.. which is NOTHING for GBP pairs (Great British Pound) SPIZER could survive a 300 pip rally.. 

Fast forward, a few months later, SPIZER was developed to sustain a 600 pip rally an later up to 1000 pip rally. NO martingale or GRID system can sustain that. AND THEN COVID came.. researching markets since 2015 where 2016 was a big challenge, and SPIZER came through.. we had a new challenge... COVID! Most accounts blew during COVID season (February/March 2020)

I was so shaken up and lost almost everything in a few days. I lost all hope for SPIZER and Forex Robots in general. I explored different online opportunities, became successful, quit my day job eventually. During all of these, SPIZER.. my baby who I developed, trained, nurtured and build.. always haunted me and I feel disappointed that it "was a failure"

Once again I had a massive financial hit, luckily not everything like previous.. but this got me back in the trading industry slowly. Up to a point where I woke up one day with a thought in my head.. out of the blue, out of no where.. a certain algo/strategy for SPIZER that I previously never thought of. I jumped on the computer, changed a few figurations, contacted my coder, he changed an algo or two and BOOM - the results was good.

SPIZER will never stop being in development. EVERY time when I developed the best version of SPIZER.. sooner or later, something else, something better presents itself.. either it will be to improve risk or to improve profits.. or both. I'm extremely excited to see where SPIZER will be in a few years.

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