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PLEASE TAKE NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT: To order this product you will need an existing real or demo MT4 account preferably with one of our brokers. If you do not have a brokers account yet, please visit this page and make sure to understand which broker to choose and which account type to suit your balance and risk portfolio. Scroll down to STEP 2:

SPIZER8X is a unique developed Forex Robot, EA, that provides you automated trading 24/5. Unlike other Forex Robots in the market, SPIZER8X have been developed with extensive historical back testing data since 2015. Since NOTHING in life is 100%, we have also formulated a unique RISK MANAGEMENT strategy how to operate your SPIZER8X and be prepared for any possible market conditions that we can not predict.

Along with the SPIZER8X you will receive multiple setting files that you need to decide which best suites your Risk portfolio.

Remember to NEVER use money with investing or trading, that you can not afford to loose.

Past results can not predict future outcome!

Also remember to order your VPS to ensure that you never have to worry about a computer, power outages or internet down time.

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