I know! What does beer and investing have to do with each other? It might sound a little weird to you know, but I will set out to explain how all of this made perfect sense to me.

I love having a few craft beers with friends over weekends, and as you know, craft beer come at a fairly steep price tag. I usually end up paying R35 to R50 a beer and have on average 4-6 beers a weekend! I pay this because I enjoy the taste and I am prepared to splurge a little on that.

About 8 months back, October 2018, I had a beer with Andre, head of AIV product development. He explained his latest product to me, Spizer – an Automated Trading Bot – that he had developed.

The aim of this bot was to give everyone the opportunity to reap the reward of trading without having to spend extra time doing it, best of all, you don’t need any prior trading experience.

This product was a turnkey plug and play solution to creating passive income! WOW, Passive income without having to spend extra time or energy making it…

Obviously, there were costs involved…nothing in live worth something is free, and if it is, there is a catch!

His Spizer bot (Version 5.6) at the time cost me a fee of 57$ for a yearly license and a monthly VPS cost of 7$.

In short, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is needed, so that you don’t have to run a computer with a constant Wi-Fi connection for your bot to trade on. It’s simple, if your bot doesn’t trade your not making money. And in South Africa, this is the perfect solution to our unstable power and internet connections.

And in return, Spizer was making on average between 6 to 12% monthly, Compounded!

This meant that I would get a return similar to a what banks would give me annually, but Monthly…so I would make 12 times more. This made sense no matter how I looked at it.

I had saved up about R15000 (+-1000$) and decided to buy the bot and invest the money.

What I also decided to do is to keep record of my monthly returns and average interest earned.

Here is an example of my first 2 months investing with AIV

After seeing this, I set out to better my return, but I already invested all of my saving. I knew if I could make a small change in my life somewhere, I could make a huge change in my Account growth. And over-time this would make a huge return difference.

So, I realized, that if I had 1 beer less every weekend it won’t affect my lifestyle, but it will change my future. This meant that I could add R35 per week, and R140 per monthly (10$). So, I kept record of the last 6 months and this is the difference it made to my investment.

By adding 10$ monthly

If I had not added 10$ monthly

In addition to growing my account with 60$, I made 78.77$ more with interest earned than I would have. This might not sound significant to you know, but say we did this for a 2-year period at an average growth of 6% (would probably be more) per month, you would have the following numbers to compare.

1. Drinking my 4 beers per month (Not adding 10$)

2. Adding my 4 beers to my Broker account (Adding 10$)

6244$ (2) – 5066$ (1) – 240$ (total additions) = 938$ Now that makes a HUGE difference!

Thus, I invested 1060$ thus far and my account is currently 2073$ strong.

That’s is a Return on Investment of: 195.57% and growing!

Without the 10$ addition my account would have had a growth of 188.11% which is still fantastic, but I would have lost out on 7.64% over the 6 months – that is the same a bank would have given me for the whole year! No wonder they stay as wealthy. In addition to making more money, it is a well-known fact that an account with a bigger trading balance is much stronger than one with a small balance. 2 Birds with 1 stone!

Let’s get saving together…