The journey began with myself, Andre' Erasmus, as an average Joe, with a standard lifestyle, wife and kids. I found myself constantly in financial situations where it was very difficult to keep head above waters, especially with new born and toddlers in the house, there is expenses you just cant move to the side.

Taking out multiple loans to cover previous loans and debt, we ended just falling further and deeper in a pit. It got REALLY bad and I know I had to do something. Exploring multiple options for additional income like, web design services, network marketing, importing exclusive products for clients, I made a little more money but now my NEXT challenge was it was consuming all my time. Working until the early hours of the morning, never get to spend time with my wife and kids. As if the problem became worse.

Then It All Began

“Since I was introduced to Forex back in 2001 - I always knew the power and capabilities of the Forex Industry, but never took the leap. I was involved in a few Crypto Currency scams that I was to believe, that it's "people" trading crypto currencies and one is "earning daily % returns". We lost A LOT of money, and I was very disappointing. Then I decided I need to start trade myself. I traded crypto currencies for about 3 months and because all the other coins is in some way linked to Bitcoin, when Bitcoin took a MASSIVE nose dive in 2018 - all the coins values went down with it, and I lost some more money.”

The Forex Journey Started

I started exploring Forex and found plenty of great reasons why I SHOULD trade the Forex Industry. It was a bit bumpy in the beginning as I was exploring and founding my grounds with the industry. Then I started making nice money and soon discovered my NEXT CHALLENGE!

I was still working a 7 - 5 day job and it became extremely challenging to trade in between work hours. I realised that for anyone that wants to trade full time, making a living of it, you need to get rid of your day job first. Manual trading also has its own challenges like HUMAN EMOTION - As soon as emotion kicks in, your trades gets affected. For example GREED and FEAR is your worst enemies in trading. I experienced FEAR and GREED because I had to make a lot of money, to be able to trade full time.

I was again at a point where I was sick and tired of struggling, emotions took control over me and I lost money again.

Introduced to Forex Expert Advisors

I read a lot and heard a lot about Forex Robots, also known as Forex Expert Advisors or Forex EA's. I knew that I HAD to explore some more and jumped on board with the first one I came across. It made good profits for the first week or two and then the danger started crawling closer. That was also a bust and I thought the whole Forex Robots thing is a hoax. there can not be algorithmic software that can maintain profitable trades ALL the time.

Then I got introduced to a system. I made about 306% growth in 6 weeks which is phenomenal for any Forex Robot. BUT, I still had to be on the charts the whole time and my account was in risk of crashing almost every day. I thought of some risk measurements one could put in place, tried to contact the developer of the Robot to collaborate in some means regarding risk management. I ended up at a dead end with that approach.


I decided to take matters in my own hands again and researched the web for Meta Trader 4 programmers/coders. I found a guy and gave him the logic I need for my SPIZER EA. It was a few days then I had my very first SPIZER 1.0.

I jumped on forums and social groups to get some experienced traders and robot users to help me test my own EA. Everything we encountered danger in the markets, I re-developed the SPIZER to accommodate that certain danger movement in the markets. initially we made about 50% - 100% per month BUT the risk was STILL too high for an average person to maintain a product like this.

We developed SPIZER 4.2, had some hick ups again and then came SPIZER 5.6 - With 5.6 we got a lot of clients jumping in on real accounts. I thought it was the end of the SPIZER development. With passion evolved for the industry, thoughts and ideas just jumped in my head with formula's, logic, algorithms and soon after we had SPIZER 6.1. Again I thought this is the end of the line and one of the greatest risk management features came to me one day and SPIZER 6.3 was developed. We probably will keep on developing on SPIZER, who knows.

AI-VIZION on the Rise

Once I had developed a steady product that with the right configurations can be the safest Forex Robot out there, I soon realised that I lacked business input and focus to grow this product actually into a wonderful business that EVERYONE and ANYONE can benefit from.

One of my friends, Arne' Coetzee, whom I met a few years ago in the construction industry, approached me with his marketing company that he also recently started. Again he was also exploring additional income methods and he started his own marketing company with his construction company. As we chatted he told me about his business and how it can help grow my business and audience.

I told him that financially I can not afford his great services. The more he got to learn about my product how you can make additional income without having to do a thing, he got intrigued about the idea and saw a vision instantly. He approached me, we discussed a business deal over a few meetings and then AI-Vizion was created.

With both our passion for additional income and business development, we knew this is a partnership not to miss out on. While Arne' can build the business side with his passion for business developing, I can focus more on my passion, and that is to keep on creating products like the SPIZER, not only for the Forex Industry.

We are extremely excited and can't wait to share with you as we develop to bring to you our vision and you can make it your own vision.