The Best Profitable Forex Trading Expert Advisor (EA), Works On MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

ESTIMATED ROI 80% - 120%+ per anum

The SPIZER software has been developed and tested, for your convenience, to take advantage of the Forex industry and make reasonable profits. Please note that profits will vary from day to day, from account to account and as per your settings. We have various risk management settings to choose from to suit your personal risk portfolio.

Please note with the purchase of this product you have to be registered with our IB partnership Broker.


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Please be sure to educate yourself as much as possible regarding this product with the available links and information.

To proceed first you need to understand the RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGY .. Please click the button below to learn more and to understand what type of account you need to open for your SPIZER8X.

step 1

Now that you understand Risk Management and which account type to choose, proceed to open your brokers account. Follow the prompts, finish your KYC and fund your account.

Risk Option #1: $2000 and above..

Risk Option #2: $4000 and above..

Risk Option #3: $2000 and above..

(choose the following when prompted:

- Currency         - USD

- Account Type - ECN

- Leverage         - 1:500

Risk Option #1: $100 and below $2000 

Risk Option #2: $100 and below $4000

Risk Option #3: $100 and below $2000

(choose the following when prompted:

- Currency         - USD

- Account Type - CENT

- Leverage         - 1:500

step 2

The SPIZER8X is basically a piece of software that need to run on a personal computer. Meta Trader 4 is the trading platform/software and SPIZER8X gets "plugged into" the Meta Trader 4 platform. When the Meta Trader 4 program is not open on your personal computer, then SPIZER8X is also not on and can not function. Therefor you need a dedicated computer/laptop, than can be switched on 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and connected to the internet.

It is advisable ot make use of a VPS or a.k.a VPN 

(Virtual Private Server / Virtual Private Desktop)

In short, it's like having a personal computer without any hardware on a 3rd party companies servers. VPS/VPN's have been used for many many years and is very safe and reliable.

With a VPN you will never have to worry about power outages, load-shedding, internet down time or nothing, and all of these is ESSENTIAL for your SPIZER8X to operate.

AIV have been using third party VPN company for a very long time, and it was a challenge to get one with a low costs like theirs.

For only $6.99/month, you will never have to worry about internet downtime or power outages. 

Now even people with NO computer or wifi can operate SPIZER8X with the use of a VPN.

- Register

- Click in Menu on Services / Order New Service

- Choose the $6.99 or $9.99 product

- Follow the prompts

- various payment methods available

step 3

Purchase your SPIZER8X license from the our online store.

3 Options to choose from:

$35 license for 3 months

$59 license for 6 months

$99 license for 12 months

Our mission is to offer advanced trading platforms and suite of FIX based testing solutions to help clients increase profitability and time to markets. Transparency, speed, and reliability are critical for success in today’s trading environment. Trade with a competitive edge using algorithmic trading tools designed for high-performance, ultra low-latency applications, while using industry standard technologies so it is easy and fast to implement. Algorithmic trading tools built on strong analytics, unmatched market access, powerful automated trading functionality, high performance multi-asset trading capabilities, and effective risk management.

  • Low-Latency Trading – Network Infrastructure

  • In addition to providing custom fiber pathways and other proprietary transit systems, we provide next generation order and data transition through microwave technology.

  • Proprietary/Customized Solutions

  • Work with development teams to provide customize trading solutions to meet your trading objectives.  In the area of electronic trading, we provide expertise in creating customized solutions to provide an edge.

Benefits and Capabilities:

  • Faster Trades Through Instant Analysis and Automated Execution

  • Continuous Evaluation of Algorithms, Enabling Optimal Performance

  • Customisable and Configurable Trading Logic on User-Defined Parameters

  • Ability to Run Hundreds of Unique Algorithms and Multiple Trading Strategies Simultaneously

  • Real-Time Risk Management Tools

  • Reliability, Flexibility, Usability, and Scalability



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